The Caredness Story

Merging Corporate and Clinical Experience to Help Your Company Thrive

Let Us Show You How to Create a Corporate Culture of Valued Mental Health.

We founded Caredness because the way employees view work has changed forever. Companies that sign up with Caredness enjoy access to 24/7 mental health and wellness support for their employees. We also give you the resources to play the long game on mental health in your workforce by shifting toward a wellness culture. Show them you care. Show them you’ve enrolled in Caredness.

Is your organization feeling burned out by the Great Resignation? Caredness can help you navigate through the Great Rejuvenation that’s on the horizon for companies that take the lessons learned during this time to attract, retain, and nurture the best talent. We offer full-spectrum support tailored to the unique needs of remote workers in today’s always-plugged-in economy.

The Caredness system creates your plan for supporting mental health in your workplace for you using qualified professionals implementing proven, science-backed methods for mental wellness that help your employees both inside and outside of work environments. At Caredness, we believe that quality of life directly impacts the quality of work.

The Story Behind Caredness: We Make the Human Side of Work Accessible Through Technology for Remote Workers

Caredness was formed in 2022 by the husband-and-wife team of Marie and Todd Albertson.

Marie has worked as a licensed mental health counselor in private practice for many years. During this time, she has helped many clients work through workplace stress. Marie was inspired to create Caredness as a solution for companies of all sizes after noticing a sharp increase in rates of depression, anxiety, and trauma among employees who felt that their employers were contributing to their diminishing mental health. Her work has given her insight into the key themes that create “a disconnect” between company policies and employee satisfaction levels. She’s seen why employees experience burnout before ultimately resigning.

Todd comes to Caredness from a more corporate angle. He has spent decades “building up” global firms through expansions, new developments, not-for-profit outreach, and more. His experiences have shown him the right conditions for cultivating successful, functional workforces. He’s also seen how ignoring employee mental health has harmed the bottom lines of countless corporations. Todd felt compelled to establish Caredness because he felt that he was in the unique position to see the benefits of supporting mental health in the workplace from the perspectives of both employee happiness and corporate growth. While employee dignity is by far the most important form of capital in Todd’s eyes, he understands that integrating wellness into corporate culture can be a win-win situation that also helps to improve productivity and bottom lines.

Todd and Marie developed Caredness to be an entirely virtual support system that uses a platform that companies can easily integrate into their own operational and communication channels. They specifically wanted Caredness protocols and resources to be easy to implement to prevent significant “upheavals” in existing human resources procedures. Employees can access Caredness resources around the clock from anywhere. The system relies on self-accessible, self-guided resources. The heart of the system is the Caredness app. While many “corporate coaches” have nothing more than uncredited certificates, all Caredness wellness experts are supervised by masters or doctorate-level experts.

Why Use Caredness?

Why trust a company founded in 2022 to oversee your company’s mental health protocols? Caredness is in a unique position to deliver exactly what’s needed for employee-employer relations in the current moment because we were established to be responsive to the current movement. We’ve developed Caredness protocols in direct response to the lapses that led to the Great Resignation.

The truth is that far too many employee wellness programs exist purely for the benefit of companies that need to check off this box halfheartedly. Employees can smell it a mile away. It’s why they’re all resigning.Caredness is the first firm of its kind to focus on mutually beneficial wellness solutions for employers and employees. We help you transform your company culture into something that leaves employees motivated, alert, and ready to go to bat for you. We believe that truly helping to build up employee mental health is the key to building an energized workforce that boosts your company’s profile.

The benefit of working with a newer, high-energy firm like Caredness for your employee wellness needs is that our approach to serving our clients is responsive, organic, and flexible. We aren’t here to “sell you” on a plan. Caredness is here to provide your staff members with an accessible, helpful platform that provides wellness coaching covering all the “pain points” of their personal and professional lives that harm their quality of life.

Our Leadership Team

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Todd Albertson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marie Albertson

Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Officer

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Chief Information Officer

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Chief People Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Sales Officer

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Chief Finance Officer

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Chief Platform Officer