Caredness Provides Employers With an Apparatus for Prioritizing Employee Mental Health

Mental health is the driving factor in the big workforce changes that led to the Great Resignation. Caredness equips employers to attract and retain top talent by filling the need for recognition of mental health in the workplace. Caredness isn’t mental health counseling. We help your company launch a full-spectrum platform for mental wellness coaching and support.

“Wellness in the workplace is THE driving factor for employer-employee relations today. We founded Caredness because we’ve pinpointed the gaps between employee satisfaction and how employers handle mental wellness. Let us show you how to make your employees thrive in all aspects of life to allow them to bring more life to your company.”

– Todd Alberton, Caredness Co-Founder & CEO

The Caredness Approach: Integrating Wellness Both Inside and Outside the Workplace

Threats to wellness are everywhere. We know that the things that happen at both work and home can impact how an employee relates to workplace dynamics. That's why the Caredness approach focuses on seeing each employee as a "whole person." Our approach also provides "whole resources" for addressing issues both inside and outside the workplace. This is becoming increasingly important for remote workers struggling to steady themselves on the wobbly wires that blur the work-life balance.

It’s Technology. It’s Personal. It’s Caredness.

The Caredness three-tier methodology provides:

  • One-on-one access and interaction.
  • Individualized learning and tools.
  • The Caredness Mobile App.

The first area of focus for Caredness clients is to make their position on mental wellness in the workplace known. Is your company doing this yet? Most companies find it challenging to get the message across that mental health is prioritized. However, this is precisely what employees want. Most employees who have signed off during the Great Resignation cite mental health as the top reason for leaving a job. At Caredness, we show employers how to convey the message that mental health is a company-wide priority. This starts “from the top” with a plan to rewrite the script on your company culture to drill down on the fact that it’s okay to talk about mental health here. We encourage company leadership to “walk the walk” by creating an example by actually taking personal health days.

Caredness empowers our corporate clients to create a sustainable, effective, and well-received plan for integrating wellness tools into workplace culture. How do we do it? Caredness makes mental health an actionable item by providing concrete tools and resources that are far more powerful than “flowery sentiments” about self-care. When you become a Caredness company, your employees are provided access to a catalog of resources. The hallmark of our system is access to specially trained coaches designed to help employees navigate mental health hurdles. All Caredness coaches are supervised by licensed masters or doctoral-level mental health counselors. We mean professional help when we say professional help.

Caredness wellness services are culturally diverse, global, and available 24/7 throughout the year. Our services don’t take a day off because we know that weekdays, weekends, holidays, and all other days are days that require mental health support. Caredness wellness support tools are specially tailored to meet the needs of remote employees who may feel disconnected from company culture. We offer a simple and unified platform that allows employers to quickly deploy resources to an entire staff.

Wellness Sessions

Caredness also provides short-term self-guided wellness sessions that employees can utilize to begin their entrance into your upgraded, wellness-friendly company culture!

Immersion in an Organizational Culture of Care

Caredness provides resources to help your employees become immersed in a culture of care that extends to many different facets of employer-employee relations at your company.

Wellness Sessions

Caredness also provides short-term self-guided wellness sessions that employees can utilize to begin their entrance into your upgraded, wellness-friendly company culture!

Caredness App

The Caredness app provides employees with a wealth of resources, information, and connection points.

What Are the Benefits to Employers Using Caredness?

Caredness has been strategically developed to create a win-win situation for employers and employees. Our system allows employees to feel heard, seen, valued, and empowered. Employers enjoy the benefit of a fully activated workforce. Companies that introduce Caredness can expect:

  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Lower employee turnover.
  • Improved employee morale.
  • Reductions in employee stress levels.

Employees working at companies that implement the Caredness method gain access to services related to pre-marriage and marriage issues, grief care and hospital visits, children and aging parents’ support, and stress management. They are empowered to use resources that provide value instead of assuming that companies are merely “doing the bare minimum” to address mental health in the workplace.

Become a Caredness company! Our team is here to help your company reverse a negative company culture to give mental health the spotlight it deserves. A top-performing company needs top performers. Give your employees what they need to be their best with Caredness.