Caredness Helps Your Company Bridge the “Mental Health” Gap in Workplace Culture

Caredness caters to the human side of your workforce by providing a full-spectrum virtual wellness space. We help you engage the wellness needs of your remote employees for a happier, healthier workplace. Companies that enroll in Caredness flip the script on negative company culture to create a nurturing workplace that inspires loyalty, dynamism, and personal satisfaction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 47 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. What’s going on? Far too many workplaces have ignored mental health for far too long. Caredness helps to insulate your company against the employer-employee rift that has caused so many companies to lose talent.

Here’s Why Companies Are Coming to Caredness

The Great Resignation has thrown companies in all industries for a loop. Why are employees deciding to walk away? Mental health has been cited as the top reason behind the millions of resignations that have occurred since 2020. There’s no sign of this trend slowing down. Signing off just hit a record high. As a result, companies are suffering from an extreme “talent drain.” The same employees leaving say they’d stay if their employers prioritized mental health.

At Caredness, we empower companies to bring mental health to the forefront in meaningful ways that enhance every worker’s quality of life. Our approach uses an entirely virtual platform for genuine person-focused resources. Companies can utilize tools and resources that allow employees to actively participate in wellness training and support services.

Once your employees have access to the Caredness app, they can begin accessing 24/7 support resources appropriate for all aspects of mental wellness tied to their personal lives, family lives, work lives, and more.

Enrolling With Caredness: What Employers Can Expect

The Caredness approach isn’t just “one thing.” We offer an integrated platform that allows you to link actual resources with a shift in company culture that’s focused on respecting mental health. The Caredness protocol focuses on:

  • Providing mental health support and benefits.
  • Creating awareness among your employees that mental health is a priority.
  • Encouraging leadership to lead by example when it comes to utilizing mental health resources at work. We’ll show you how to make it clear that you are offering real resources instead of just “checking off a box” for covering mental health.
  • Providing virtual tutorials and programs that employees can complete to learn practices for managing mental health.
  • Providing 24/7 access to real-life support resources for work, life, and family issues.

Our resources are developed around the realities that employees face increasing professional and domestic pressures. These resources provide benefits for employees at all levels. Yes, that even means top leadership positions.

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The Benefit for Employers

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At Caredness, we don’t necessarily believe that employers need to be incentivized to do the right thing by supporting mental health. However, our clinical psychology and corporate development backgrounds equip us to understand the truly mutually beneficial outcome of supporting the mental wellness of your employees.

“Addressing mental health and substance misuse in the workplace improves workers'” wellbeing and productivity, and benefits employers’ bottom line (i.e., profit),” according to a recently published economic analysis of mental health and substance use interventions in the workplace. Effective support for mental health allows employers to reduce sick days, sustain employee engagement, and reduce turnover. Employers that provide support see tremendous cost savings.

The Benefit for Employees

Mental health support in the workplace is exactly what employees are asking for! Why do they want this so passionately? The simple fact is that employees are having a hard time juggling work-life balance like never before. Virtual employees are at risk for burnout caused by all of the struggles of time management involved with today’s always-plugged-in culture. They may also feel disconnected from any support services. When employers devote time, attention, and resources to employee mental health, this eliminates the feeling of conflict that many workers carry today regarding how their employers might be contributing to poor mental health.

Enroll in Caredness to Give Your Employees 24/7 Wellness Support

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Caredness was developed to address the new workplace. We’ve analyzed worker needs in light of changing workforce demands to offer resources relevant to challenges like stress, depression, and burnout. Caredness isn’t mental health counseling. We offer corporate-focused wellness coaching for the unique needs and challenges of today’s workforce. Our platform is tailored for the worker making sense of their next step amid the Great Resignation. Let them know they have reasons to stay by giving your company culture an authentic edit with Caredness.

Are you looking for ways to introduce a wellness solution at your company? Book a consultation with the Caredness team today! Our system is easy to integrate for businesses of all sizes.